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Oral Surgeon in Powell, Ohio

Finding the right oral surgeon near Powell, Ohio, can relieve your dental anxieties and minimize pain. With Yanich Oral Surgery, you can get comfortable and stress-free oral surgery. We offer many surgery options, so we’re here to help with whatever procedure you need.

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image of girls mouth locating the wisdom tooth

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth, the third and final set of molars that emerge in the late teens or early twenties, can become misaligned or impacted. This causes pain, crowding, infection, and difficulties in cleaning, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. With our quick wisdom teeth removal procedure near Powell, we can help prevent these issues and be beneficial to maintaining oral health.

dental implants

Dental Implants

Replace your missing tooth with our dental implants near Powell. Our procedure not only restores your ability to chew and speak easily but also helps improve the rapid bone loss that missing teeth can cause. 

Whether you need just one or multiple implants, we can help. Our dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone, offering a decade of improved functionality in your mouth.

Tooth Extractions

Along with our wisdom teeth removal, we offer general tooth extractions.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay initially damages the enamel and, if untreated, progresses to the inner layers like dentin and the pulp, leading to severe damage and potential root canal infections. Delaying treatment worsens the disease, so our oral surgeons recommend extraction, followed by restorative treatment by your dentist.

Overcrowded Teeth

Often recommended by orthodontists for severely overcrowded teeth, this procedure creates the necessary space to align the remaining teeth, commonly in children and teenagers as part of their orthodontic treatment plan. 

Advanced Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. It damages the supporting hard and soft tissues, leading to gum recession, pocket formation, and alveolar bone loss, ultimately resulting in loose teeth, extractions, or tooth loss.

Tooth Breakage

If a tooth breaks near the gum line, there might not be enough visible tooth structure to attach a dental crown. In these instances, it may be necessary to extract the tooth.

doctors preparing patient for oral surgery

Pre-prosthetic Surgery

This surgery prepares your mouth for dentures by creating a better foundation. This process may involve reducing or reshaping the jawbone, removing excess bone, or realigning bones for a snug and comfortable denture fit. Its purpose is to restore both the function and form of the face so the dental prostheses fit accurately and comfortably. 

different types of dental implants

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is an important procedure for patients lacking sufficient jawbone density for dental implants. This surgical process involves adding mass to the jawbone, creating a stronger foundation capable of supporting dental implants and enhancing facial structure appearance.

person with sedation gas mask on her face

Sedation and Anesthesia

From local anesthetics for minor surgeries to nitrous oxide sedation and office-based general anesthesia for more complex procedures, Dr. Yanich has a solution for every patient, guaranteeing each patient receives the most appropriate, comfortable, and safe anesthesia. 

For those requiring deeper sedation, especially for patients with specific medical conditions or undergoing extensive surgeries, IV sedation or hospital-based general anesthesia is offered.

Safe and Pain-Free Care near Powell

Choosing the right oral surgeon for a comfortable and successful dental procedure is important. At Yanich Oral Surgery, we prioritize your health, comfort, and peace of mind, offering a many procedures with multiple anesthesia options, so you can receive care stress-free and pain-free. 

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